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I am so embarrassed. I can’t believe I missed my own blog’s birthday. But this little corner of the internet world is officially 1 year old (and 1 day)! And to think that I intentionally started on 11-7 because I knew it would be easy to remember. Yeah, right.

Blogging has become one of my favorite hobbies, as well as a place where I get to practice the craft of writing which I love more each day. I don’t have cool purpose like my blogger friends (aka- my blogmies). I don’t have kids to show to family members in other states. I’m not profound or really all that smart. I don’t live far away. I’m not totally hilarious. I just write to get things out of my head and for some crazy reason, you read it.

So on [near] my blog-birthday (blorthday?), I want to say

thank you.

Because y’all read, I get to keep writing. And because I have a constant place to write, I get to keep stepping towards my dream. One step at a time. And you have no idea how much that means to me.

I tried to figure out a way to give all of you some birthday cake. So I called the professionals at Charm City Cakes, better known as “Ace of Cakes” from Food TV. I told Duff what I wanted- to feed cake to all my bloggites and blogmies. Through the computer.Duff and his #2 Geof tried for a long time to work it out. The only words I recognized when they were discussing it were “flux capacitor” and “WiFi”. I mean, they can craft just about any object known to man- why not a blog cake? They thought they had it, but then Duff just ended up on a skateboard, wearing a jean jacket, covered in frosting, in 1985.

So instead of internet-cake, I offer, again, my sincerest thanks.

Happy birthday, blog.


  1. brad
    posted on Nov 09, 2007 at 1:34 PM  |  reply

    We celebrate your blog birthday with you and I thank you for being the hub from which my blog world spins.

  2. carolineb
    posted on Nov 09, 2007 at 2:01 PM  |  reply

    Happy Birthday Annie’s blog. We love you so.

  3. carolineb
    posted on Nov 09, 2007 at 2:18 PM  |  reply

    Big Mama might be the funniest person ON the planet.

  4. ManUtd17
    posted on Nov 09, 2007 at 4:24 PM  |  reply

    Thanks for writing stuff I want to read. Keep it up.

    No pressure.

    nvclfjoq (Can I buy a vowel?)

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