I should have brought breathmints.

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That’s my #1 thought right now.

Ok, #2 thought.

My #1 is that coming to this conference was a fine idea.

#2 is that my breath needs an emergency intervention.

#3 is that y’all CAN NOT be encouraging me to make these videos. They are ridiculous and I kinda loved doing it. So you may get another one… who knows. Wait for it.

Seriously though. Mt. Hermon is awesome. I can’t tell you how many times someone will say “Mt. Hermon” and I’ll think, “What in the crap. I hardly believe this. I’m really here.”

Sorry I used to word crap.


I’m surrounded by amazing writers, editors, presenters, etc. And then there’s me.

Question: “Where have you been published?”
My answer: “Umm…. uh….. “

Question: “What do you want to write?”
My answer: “Umm… uh…. “

Question: “Who do you know here?”
My answer: “Umm…. uh…..”

Question: “Why did you come?”
My answer: “God worked it out. He brought me here.”

Maybe I’ll have good responses to those other three by Wednesday, but if not, I’m pretty satisfied with the fact that I can securely answer that last one.


  1. Writeaway
    posted on Mar 15, 2008 at 2:06 AM  |  reply

    I’m proud of you, Annie. You’re going for your dream. As a writer, I’ve had an exciting career and I’ve loved it. BUT, the older I get, the more I want to write what I want to write…. not what other people pay me to write. I’m thinking about that a lot.

  2. Sarah Markley
    posted on Mar 15, 2008 at 2:21 AM  |  reply

    From experience, you do NOT need breathmints…=) And God DID bring you here.

    See you in the session.

  3. Shannon
    posted on Mar 15, 2008 at 3:47 AM  |  reply

    I’m glad your answer is no longer, “Because Shannon forced me to go to this conference.”

    I don’t want to be held responsible for whatever video you might try to make of yourself at Mt. Hermon. Glad you’re having fun 🙂

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