Originally written in January of 2010, this is still one of my most attractive qualities to men: I can fold a fitted sheet perfectly. Every time. The video is, well, long. I won’t be offended if you fast forward to the actual action of folding.

. . . . .

Well, here you go.

A few things:

1. Thank you to Lyndsay and Lauren for coming over at midnight to help film this.

2. I actually managed to do 3 things from my list in this video:
a. fold a fitted sheet
b. make myself laugh [normal- happens all the time]
c. make my friends laugh

3. I did not, however, read a book from start to finish in this video.

4. I usually don’t make videos longer than 4 minutes, but sometimes tutorials are a bit lengthy. Sorry bout it.

5. Don’t judge my bookcase. I know. It’s a sickness. But I’m a writer. It’s my “job.”

6. Thanks to Janet for teaching our group of friends to fold a fitted sheet and for teaching us that other thing too [regarding my lip and wax and let’s not talk about it]. I will always consider you a sensei of sorts.

7. I got a FlipCam for Christmas! No more lisp when I make videos! Yay!! [though I don’t know why it’s wide screen. rude.]

8. This was kinda fun. What other video blog ideas do you have for me? Bring it.