TOP 5 FRIDAY: The Travel Bug.

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TOP 5 FRIDAY is when we each list five of our favorite things, depending on the topic. Feel free to join in via the comments or by posting on your own blog and linking back here. Play along. It’s Friday.

. . . . .

Our first day in Portland was a huge fat success.

The weather is divine, the people are nice, and the food is just plain delicious.

I’m glad to be here.

But I loved what it took to get here too. See, I don’t have the travel bug. I am the travel bug.

I left Nashville around 6:30am on Thursday and flew to Portland via Denver.

I had a three hour layover in Denver where I sent approximately 150 emails [I wish I was kidding] and felt a bit like a psychopath because for about thirty minutes, every time I would send one, I would get two in my inbox. As my blood pressure rose and I felt like I was going to have a panic attack, I kept looking around, being like, “Does anybody else see how ridiculous this is?” But they didn’t. Because they were minding their own biz.

[To soothe your worries, I finally was victorious over the inboxes.]

I love to travel, which plays into my favor in my current season of life / place of employment [that being, anywhere that I get to go speak]. What do I love about traveling?

So kind of you to ask.

Here are my favorite things about traveling.

1. Soundtrack

Since we don’t have public transit in Nashville, I don’t get to pop my headphones in and ride around and take in the sights. Traveling via air or bus or train allows for that soundtrack feel. This leg I listened to a few rounds of The Lumineers [I went to their show this week so I’m a little obsessed], The Secret Sisters, and Sarah Jarosz. [I’m totes in a folk/bluegrass phase. Love me anyways.]

2. People Watching

This world is full of extremely weird people [myself included] and a lot of them like to pass through airports. So I like to watch those people, observe their lives, and wonder about their story. I’m not gonna pull a Don Miller here and talk about how everyone has a story and yadda yadda, I just like the idea that each person in that airport is on a journey, just like me, and for this one time we are passing through the same place.

3. Reading The Destination At Each Gate

I am a lunatic about this. I read the destination at every gate I pass and then scan the crowd to see if they look like they are prepared to go, say, to Paris via Minneapolis today [as I saw one flight doing from Denver yesterday]. It may be my only / most evident OCD tendency. I have to read.them.all.

4. Alone Time / Sky Time

Shocking absolutely no one, I don’t take a lot of alone time. If there is a friend that wants to hang out, I fit it in. I love my people. But when I’m trapped in the sky with no text messaging capabilities, I get quiet [rare] and reflective [kinda rare] and alone. I love a window seat- staring out at all that is going on and, in much the same way, wondering about humans from a zoomed out point of view. ‘That car is so tiny,’ I will think, ‘but those people are driving somewhere on purpose.’ And it freaks my freak every time.

5. New Places

I love seeing new cities. How houses are painted, how downtown blocks are laid out, how the locals talk, where the people purchase their chai lattes. Here’s the thing about going new places: you have a brand new experience and also get a few reminders of the best parts of home. I like that.

And so far, this Portland trip has lived up to all my favorite travel things! Looking forward to a fun weekend!

. . . . .


What’s your favorite thing(s) about traveling [plane, train, or automobile- I don’t care!]?

. . . . .

Today is a great day to follow me on instagram/twitter. Lots of pics, I’m guessing, as I meet up with some fun Portland blog readers, climb a mountain, see a waterfall, etc.



  1. Cindy
    posted on Aug 24, 2012 at 6:44 AM  |  reply

    My five favorite things about traveling (and being in another city):
    1. I have to check out their grocery stores-I love to check out the stores and see how different they are and what people eat in different parts of the country.
    2. I too am a people watcher and I love to imagine what is going on in peoples lives and make up life stories in my head.
    3. Eat at restaurants that are not chains. I ate my way through Nashville in July.
    4. I don’t complain about flights that are non-stop. I love to check out the terminals in every airport. The coffee, the food, the key chains.
    5. I love, love, love to go to church in different cities. I love to check out the stained glass and architechture. Such a peaceful, holy feeling.

  2. posted on Aug 24, 2012 at 8:47 AM  |  reply

    1. Definitely people watching. I’ve contemplated just going to the airport to people watch. No flight, just sit in those rocking chairs in BNA, sip a chai latte, and watch people.
    2. Getting a tea latte. I do this all the time, but for some reason the airport Starbucks or the local coffee shop tea is just more exciting. Don’t even get me started on the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf iced Moroccan Mint Tea lattes. They need to move to Nashville ASAP.
    3. Feeling like a local. When I’m in a new place, I totally do all the touristy stuff. But I also like those little moments when I feel like I fit in with the local scene.
    4. The smell. I don’t know if it was all my writing classes when I was told to show, not tell, or the fact that someone once told me their bag still smelled like Kenya, but I love to take in the smell of a new place. Every time I smell beer, memories of England rush back.
    5. Packing. I hate, hate unpacking. But I like to pack. Maybe it’s because I’m a bit of a planner.

  3. merideth
    posted on Aug 24, 2012 at 9:43 AM  |  reply

    I like your explanation in number 5. Seeing new things when you travel, but also getting reminders of home. I’m with you there.
    1. I like traveling for people watching, too.
    2. I also like it for going somewhere I’ve never been and seeing how it’s different from home. What the people are like, culture, food, etc. Just having a new experience is fun.
    3. I also just like getting away from home and the usual day to day stuff. An opportunity to do something different.
    4. Checking out the food in a new place is definitely one of my favorite things. I like going to restaurants that I can’t go to at home and eating stuff I can’t get at home. I went to Paris when I was 11, and I’d love to go back just to eat the bread, cheese, and deserts(especially chocolate moose). I am a bit picky with food, though, so there are a lot of foods I wont’ touch, or maybe would only take a bite of it just to try it and that is it.
    5. I like flying. I’ve never traveled via train, but I’d like to. I think it’d be fun. But, I have flown a lot and have always liked it.

  4. Leanna
    posted on Aug 24, 2012 at 11:17 AM  |  reply

    I love love love to travel. Mostly I travel for missions, and so there is so much I really could go on about for this.

    But limiting it to 5 there are the the things I love about travel…
    1. The New Culture – being submerged into that different enviroment that is unique from home. And seeing how others live (this applies to US travel at times too)
    2. People watching – airports, parks, wherever
    3.the feeling of adventure
    4. meeting new people- team members, seat mates, etc
    5.souviners – ok this applies more to international but something small to bring home, be it a globe or magnet or whatever it one thing I like. Be the trinket be for me or someone else. 🙂

  5. Jami
    posted on Aug 24, 2012 at 1:51 PM  |  reply

    Hi Annie! Been reading awhile and I would love it if you would post advice on moving to a new city and starting a new career. I’m also wondering if you have any suggestions for traveling opportunities?


  6. posted on Aug 24, 2012 at 4:27 PM  |  reply

    Um seriously, I agree with all of those! I LOVE to watch people. I usually come up with stories about their lives. Many unfinished stories have started in airports!

    And….I always hope I sit next to someone famous or meet someone interesting when I travel!

  7. Jaime
    posted on Aug 25, 2012 at 9:04 AM  |  reply

    I love travelling for many of the same reasons you do…
    I live in the suburbs, but I love cities…I am a huge people wathcer. In fact, I always choose the table or seat in the restaurant that gives the best view for either the street or the rest of the space so I can see the most people. haha
    Travelling becomes so much more awesome when you are going to visit someone because you can experience the new place through a “local.”
    Another cool thing about travelling is seeing what kind of style/art influences are popular in a particular region.
    And taking photos, if you love art and photography, you will take hundreds of pictures when you’re in a new place 🙂
    And if you happen to be on a missions trip or even just visit a great church on a trip, you meet people that are kindred spirits, even if they live 500 or 5000 miles away. And that is awesome to meet a brother or sister going about their life somewhere else. It is so amazing to know that God is tracking their life and writing their story before you even know they exist.
    So yes, travelling is awesome.

  8. Andrea
    posted on Aug 25, 2012 at 2:16 PM  |  reply

    The smell of an airport gets me every time. I recently picked up a friend after a trip and couldn’t wait to get there early for a starbucks and people watching…all the while breathing in the smell of hustle and bustle.

  9. Sarah
    posted on Aug 25, 2012 at 6:57 PM  |  reply

    1.) Music. I have always listened to some sort of music while traveling. When I don’t I feel a sort of loss. 🙂
    2.) Daydreaming/story building. Traveling is a great way to use uninterupted time for story building. 😉
    3.) Cable. Hotels have cable. Lol.
    4.) Hotel breakfastes. It’s a weird tradition of mine where I eat a room temp. white bagel with cream cheese every morning. Something I’ve always done. I’m not sure why. 😉
    5.) The trip itself and wondering what God has to teach me this time.

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