31 Days of Courage

I’m not sure this is a great idea. I mean, I usually do whatever The Nester tells me to, but I’m not going to pretend that this isn’t a little scary.

It’s not the writing for 31 days straight thing. I think I can handle that. I mean, I’m not the most consistent bloggista in the world, but I can usually push through. I am, if nothing else, great at short term commitments.

It’s just, I’m not sure that talking about courage for 31 days is a great idea.

I’m already scared. I’m scared about what I’m going to want to say and I’m scared about what I don’t want to say. I’m scared that there will come a point when I wish I would have never cracked this can of worms and promised to talk about it every day.


In my knower, deep down, I think this is a God thing.


There are two stories that I want to tell with my life.

1. God made you on purpose.

2. God made you to be brave.


I already wrote a book on how God made you on purpose. It’s called From Head To Foot.

And now its time to write about being brave. Not to mention, I’m 31 years old and there is something I can’t shake about focusing on courage for 31 days in my 31st year of existence.

There’s a lot of planning going on for this month- I mean, it’s like Santa’s workshop in here- I’ve got lots of little elves running around getting guest posts and stories and recipes and pieces of art and giveaways and Bible stories. I am like Santa Blogs… or would it be Blogga Claus? Either way, I get to deliver all the goods to you… and I eat a lot of cookies. [yikes.]

I don’t know exactly what this is going to look like. But by the end of this month, I hope we are all just a little braver.

So here goes 31 days of courage. You ready?

. . . . .

Also, make sure you check out the ever-growing list of 31 Days writers. It’s gonna be a fun month.

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