Day 6 :: Learning in London

There are a handful of you jokers that are new around these parts, so in order for today’s story of courage to make sense, I need to give you some background.

My name is Annie and I live in Nashville. I’m an author. I am currently living in Edinburgh, Scotland helping with a new church- Crossroads Church Edinburgh.

Nice to meet you. That should be enough. 🙂

What I haven’t mentioned to you [unless you know from twitter] is that right now I am in London, England with some friends from Nashville. My friends are in a band and when they and the crew arrived in the UK, I hopped a train down here pronto.

I love my friends. And living in Edinburgh is wonderful, but I miss my Nash-people.

So we’ve been playing all over town, hanging out, eating together, story swapping. Tears have been shed [shocker] and hugs have been given. It has been an absolutely beautiful thing.

And courage is flowing everywhere.

I probably wouldn’t have noticed it on a regular day, but because of these 31 Days, courageous people are spotlighted to me right now.

Singers are brave. They have to stand alone many times and produce a flawless piece of art. Right there. On the spot. Last night I got to see Wicked for the second time and when Rachel Tucker sings “The Wizard and I” perfectly, I realize that talent like that takes courage.

Musicians are brave. Blake has just started with this Nashville band, and he needed to learn every song on his instrument [drums, to be exact], like, NOW. And then play those songs. A weaker man wouldn’t take this kind of gig- he’d settle for the decent one with decent money that he can succeed at easily. Blake is braver than that- he took a high pressure job that takes a lot of skill and risk. And that’s why he’s so darn good at what he does.

My newly-engaged friend is brave. Listening to her speak of her wedding plans and pleasing everyone and submitting to her future husband’s Godly leadership… that all takes courage.

People in dating relationships are brave. Vulnerability is scary. And I’m proud to watch as my people step into that with massive courage and wisdom. And while we sit at breakfast and talk about the new territory being ventured, I’m moved by their courage.

I am brave. I wore two different patterns last night to Wicked. I know it’s crazy and probably weird. But I love my blue and black dress and I wanted to wear my new tights so I just WENT FOR IT! I’m crazy, y’all. Totes crazy.

I would guess that most people don’t consider musicians brave, or consider famous people to be brave, but I genuinely think they are. While there are massive benefits, there are massive sacrifices and plenty of risk. We non-famous people don’t see this side of it, but it’s true.

I’m learning a lot in London. I’m learning that every career requires a measure of risk and a pile of courage.

And that is making me look at every job differently.

[I’m also learning that I can mix patterned tights and patterned dresses. Watch out, winter 2011/2012.]

. . . . .

What jobs do you think require courage? And why?

. . . . .

Who I’m reading: Liz’s 31 Days of Prayer. It’s just a great way to start the day.

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