It’s that time again…. 31 days!

Last year in October, I happily participated with Nester as she hosted 31 days. Living in Scotland and knowing what God was doing in my heart, it was super easy to know what I wanted to write about.

I did 31 Days of Courage. It was super fun and really timely for me and it was a real joy to do. If you’ve never read it, go for it. I mean, take it in bites- it’s probably a little more than you should digest in one sitting.

[But I’m not the boss of you, so do whatever you want.]

I’ve been thinking about and praying about this year’s 31 days. What did I want to write about? FOR A FULL 31 DAYS?

Writing a book? Being Perfectly Unique? The Word Revolution? Nashville?

I rolled a lot of options around in my mind and really thought through which would be the best.

And you know what I decided?

I don’t want to be serious.


You’ll be able to scroll through hundreds of 31 Day series from Nester’s blog that will be all the serious you need. And my life, while really fun and exciting right now, has enough serious writing to last me for a while. [Sadly, you don’t get to see it all YET, but you will. I promise.]

So instead, we’re going for funny.

I know. Shocking absolutely no one, I’m going for the laughs.

So everyday in the month of October, you can pop by AnnieBlogs for a short, clean, family-friendly joke. It may be my only post of the day, or I may have another. But you are guaranteed a joke that will make you laugh.

[Actually, you are guaranteed a joke that makes ME laugh…. hopefully you will enjoy it too. But I can’t control that, I guess.]

So saddle up, friends. We’re gonna tell some jokes.

. . . . . .

Are you doing a 31 Day series? What are you writing about?

Let's be friends!

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