October is for speaking love.

31 ways

It’s that easy.

That’s what this month is about.

31 ways we can speak love to the ones we know and the ones we don’t.

31 ways we can be different than the generation before us and lead the one behind us.

31 ways we can impact and change our culture.

Each day will tell a different story, recommend a different resource, share a song, introduce you to some thoughts, or challenge you with a task.

The goal? 

To speak love. To speak life. To change those around us. And to kill the mean girl mentality in our generation. 

And you can play along.

Wanna? Let’s do it.

Oh y’all. I just can’t tell you how excited I am about this month, about all the ways that I imagine our little tribe changing the world with our words.

It’s gonna be really fun. I promise. Like whoa fun.

Starting tomorrow. WOOT.

. . . . .

A few things….

  • Remember we are starting the @speaklovenow instagram posts tomorrow with daily devotionals. This is geared for teen/college gals, but everyone is welcome. Just prepare yourself for an abundance of emojis, teen talk, and instagram names with lots of underscores, because that’s how teens roll these days. 🙂
  • We are doing a special sale at the AnnieBlogs store. Use the coupon code 31WAYS and get free shipping all month! [There will also be other deals during the month, so stick around for that!]
  • We’ll be giving away a lot of copies of Speak Love and the companion journal Speak Love Revolution throughout the month because I have lots of boxes of books at my house that I’m ready to get in your hands! 
  • Lots of friends will be doing 31 Days posts this month. So make sure you swing by some of the other folks. I’ll be sharing some of my favorites as we go too.

. . . . .

Any questions? 

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