Allume 2012

You guys.


I hope you’re coming to Allume. I really really do.

I hope you buy a ticket tonight at midnight for the early bird price.

Because I’m speaking there. And that is super fun and exciting on a lot of levels.

Let’s begin those levels now:

Level 1. I love Sarah Mae and Allume.

Level 2. Tons of my friends are going to be there. And you know how I feel about my people.

Level 3. I love speaking. I write jokes in my head constantly and look for an audience almost constantly. So, consider yourself warned, Allume ladies.

Level 4. Whatever God is doing with my story of being single and writing about it while still living full of hope, I’m in. It still doesn’t really feel easy to write about, but it feels right. Really right. So I’m pushing through the fear and worry. [I’m trying, at least.]

Level 5. I’ve never been to Harrisburg, PA and here’s a fun fact: I love Amish people. And their cinnamon rolls.

Level 6. Everything about this video has me stoked to spend a beautiful October weekend with these gals.

So I’ve been secretly giggly for a few weeks while this was all going on in the background because ALL THE LEVELS make me so happy. I hope you’ll come.

Especially you singlets out there. Hey, Allume is a place where we can sit and chat about all these things you want to chat about. They get us and want us to have a place together. Not separate from the others, not singled out [pun intended- internet high five!], but loved uniquely.

Yo tengo excited. [My Spanish. It is sub-par.]

So will you be joining us for Allume? Thinking about it? Definitely out? Share and share alike. And duh- if you are there, we have to hug it out. Obvi.

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