The Blue Circle

Subtitle: The Best Idea I Ever Had That I Actually Followed Through With

[Subtitle’s Subtitle: That’s Probably Not Totally True But It Feels That Way]

Alternate Subtitle: Putting 2K Miles On Your Car Is Worth It When Cool People Are At Every Stop

[Alternate Subtitle’s Subtitle: A Love Letter To My Toyota Camry]

. . . . .

As some of you may remember, a few months ago I drew a blue circle and invited myself over to your house.

And you crazy cats took me up on it.

Throughout April, May, and June, I got to pop around the Southeast meeting teen and college aged girls, chatting about life and such and such, signing books, kissing babies, high-fiving gas station attendants, these kinds of things.

It’s been a blast. Really really.

Each group of gals was super unique and about 96% totes adorbs.

[That means “totally adorable” for you non-abbrevers out there.]

There are some absolutely cute.cute.cute. pictures on the ol’ facebook page, so pop over and check them out. And might I humbly request that you make our relationship official by liking me?

[I’m scared to post pictures here because if I do one, I have to do them all. If I do them all, someone will accidentally get left out and the teens across the southern United States of America will revolt against me for leaving someone out. I can’t emotionally handle that kind of backlash from my people right now.]

I’ll tell ya what, I can’t believe this is my job. I sat Tuesday night with college girls and talked about the reality of what prayer is, your dearest connection to your truest Friend. I sat Wednesday night with high school seniors and laughed, like seriously laughed, with them. I sat around a table Thursday night with high school girls and told them to live with hope, no matter what.

It is such an absolute honor to have this job. I don’t take it for granted for a single minute. In fact, calling it a “job” doesn’t seem fair. I don’t think I’ve been to “work” in a long long time. I’m just getting to meet people, hang out, make friends, talk about how good Jesus is at what He does, and then drive off into the sunset.

Like a cowgirl.

A Christian cowgirl.

[Ree, set me up with Cowboy Josh. No, seriously. Please.]

Ahem, anyways.

I just wanna say thanks to all the youth leaders, friends, families, and small group leaders for bringing me out to meet your girls.

And a big ole wave of the cowgirl hat to all the teen and college ladies that I’ve had the privilege of meeting and befriending in the last few months. Such a total honor. You remind me why I write, you remind me who I write for, and you remind me what a joy it is to get to do this thang.

. . . . .

While I don’t have many weekends free in the fall, we are booking retreats and speaking events for 2013. Check out my calendar and holla atcha girl if you want to try to find a time to lasso me into your teen event!

[Another cowboy reference. Read: Date me, Cowboy Josh.]

[By the way, I’m a “we” now, as in “we are booking” … meaning “I have people who help me run the world of Annie Downs” not as in “I am married and two have become one flesh” or “I am with child.” I’ll tell you more about being a “we” later. Summary: I’m not pregnant.]

Happy Monday.

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