Birchbox update!

I have been meaning to tell y’all how much I am LOVING when my Birchbox arrives each month!

I went ahead and photographed February and March together so you could see the goooooooods…..

le boxes

I love that they arrive with little descriptor notes included because, well, y’all know me well enough to know that sister here does not always know how to use new products.

Case in point.

what is it?

I got this tiny little tube of product and a card listing a few different options and I was like, “uhhh… do I use it in ALL those ways? Or just guess which one it is? I’m gonna guess it’s not makeup remover, but maybe?”

Luckily, they told me [see below in the March box]. Because I almost wiped that lipstick across my eyelids.


Here is my February Birchbox. I LOVE those tiny testers of perfume, though this scent isn’t normal for me, I like trying it. The Rev Up! shampoo? GOOD GRAVY MY CURLS APPROVE. I am enjoying the tiny makeup samples and learning how in the world to use beauty balm.

March Birchbox

And here is my March Birchbox. I’m pretty obsessed with these new products- including the lipstick above that I almost used on other parts of my face. Quit being so impressed with me. [sarcastic] Also- DRY SHAMPOO!! I’ve been DYING to try this stuff, so I am loving this.

Here’s a thing: my friends give me a hard time because I wash my hair every day. I just do. It’s the way I live. My friends want me to quit that behavior and become an every-other-day washer. I think this dry shampoo will be a step in that direction. I may actually only wash my hair 6 days this week.

So I’ve been using and using and using these new products and I’m a happy girl.

And remember that Showgirl Red Lip Gloss from December? Yeah, I use it almost every day.


Probably the only Showgirl that is going to make the blog. I mean, probably.

There are lots of monthly subscription boxes that folks are all about right now, but at only $10 a month, I’m thinking Birchbox is the best one out there. I mean, it’s helping me to not purchase all my makeup at Kroger and for that, the world is grateful.

. . . . .

Any of you Birchboxers out there? 

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