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31 Days of Courage :: 31 posts

Day 1 :: 31 Days of Courage Day 2 :: Jesus Day 3 :: Why courage? Day 4 :: Marie-Claire is brave. Day 5 :: Brave palate. Day 6 :: Learning in London Day 7 :: Feathers to rings. Day 8 :: Who are you? Day 9 :: David Day 10 :: Saddle up. Day

Day 31 :: Le Finale

We’ve done it. Somehow, we’ve managed to talk about courage for a full 31 days. And I. Have. Loved. It. There is so much left to say, so much left for me to learn from you, so many more verses and Bible stories to discuss. Stick around… I don’t think we’re quite done with this

Day 30 :: Hide them in your heart.

Yesterday, I listed for you a few of my favorite resources in the courage department. And I would be remiss if I didn’t share a few resources from the Bible. The greatest reminders to be brave can be found on page after page of the Bible. We already talked about some brave Bible characters: Jesus

Day 28 :: Single

As most of you know, we like to do Top 5 Fridays around here… where we talk about one topic and list five of our favorite things. And so we shall today, this our last Friday in October. Newsflash: I’m single. And I’m 31. But those two facts don’t scare me. They are what they

Day 27 :: Fill in the blank

Today is your day. I just want you to fill in the blank. You’ve heard me talk for 27 days about courage. Now I want to hear you and I want the rest of our sweet community to hear you. Even if you’ve never commented before, maybe today is the day to be brave. Take

Day 26 :: Edinburgh [+ a giveaway!]

I’ve known I would live in Edinburgh since May of 2000. Yep. It took me 11 years to get here. I left Scotland on May 28, 2000, went back to the US, led a small group, graduated college, taught 5th grade, coached soccer and volleyball, worked at a campus ministry, taught 4th grade, volunteered in

Day 25 :: Tatum is brave.

Today for 31 Days of Courage, my sister Tatum is sharing about her super brave life. As in, she’s brave. I’m not. If you’ve ever considered a life of full time missions, she’s your girl. Tatum, take it away. . . . . . When Annie asked me to write a post about courage, I

Day 24 :: Eternal impact.

Courage isn’t a complicated topic to write about. I mean, we all desire to be courageous and we all respect people that we think are brave. But living life courageously is quite another thing. As mentioned way back on Day 3, a lack of courage is nothing more than a lack of understanding. If you

Day 23 :: Queen Esther

All hail the Queen. I love the book of Esther. It’s a fairly short read, I highly recommend it. It’s an amazing story of sacrifice and courage starring this one young girl. Or one little vegetable, as the case may be. 🙂 I wish we could watch the whole episode together and just chat about

Day 22 :: The success side of courage.

FYI. I am in Prague. Three of my best pals from my time at the Wesley Foundation in Athens are missionaries here. And I figured this is probably the best time to get to see their digs. SUCH a beautiful city! Have you been here? Anything I MUST see? Meanwhile, back at the ranch [meaning