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March 2014 Birchbox

Birchbox has become one of my absolute favorite parts of each month. And, just to be clear, I doodled on the box top- it doesn’t always come like that. I’ve had a lot of conference calls lately, which is when I have found myself able to really improve my doodles. (I’m great at running a company.

Birchbox update!

I have been meaning to tell y’all how much I am LOVING when my Birchbox arrives each month! I went ahead and photographed February and March together so you could see the goooooooods….. I love that they arrive with little descriptor notes included because, well, y’all know me well enough to know that sister here

December Birchbox

So you probably know that one major fad right now is subscriptions to boxes of goodies. My friend Marisa did an amazing job listing out a variety of monthly curated boxes that you can sign up for. And I will proudly say that I fell victim to the one I liked the most- Birchbox. I am