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Greatest Hits: A Letter To A Pretty Girl

This experience, in February of this year, has had a profound effect on me. While it remains one of the most disappointingly public display of my cowardice, it has also brought many hope. I’m grateful for how God takes our ugly and uses it for good. Sadly, we never found out who the girl was.

Greatest Hits: It Only Takes A Day.

This post from March of 2009 was one of the most profound spiritual experiences of my adult life, thanks to Beth Moore. But to be honest, even as I re-read it today, it brought tears to me eyes. I needed to hear this, to believe this again. . . . . . Do you half-wish

Greatest Hits: It’s Glaze, Not Grease.

From November 2009 when my mama came to town, this is still a favorite recipe in our friend group. Try it. You won’t be sorry…. well, you’ll be sorry that there is another fattening dip in your life, but that’s all. . . . . . So this weekend, my mom came to Nashville [also

Greatest Hits: Favorite books.

This TOP 5 FRIDAY from April of 2011 remains my absolute favorite. Check back on the original post for over 100 comments of favorite books and then add yours here today! . . . . . I truly hope you read through the comments of last Friday’s TOP 5 Friday post about most loved songs.

Greatest Hits: That Dress.

From January of this year, this post about my New Year’s Eve dress reminds me all the time of how God has rescued me from who I used to be. . . . . . If you have read my book, you know this already. I used to hate me.  As a teenager, I was

Greatest Hits: How To Fold A Fitted Sheet.

Originally written in January of 2010, this is still one of my most attractive qualities to men: I can fold a fitted sheet perfectly. Every time. The video is, well, long. I won’t be offended if you fast forward to the actual action of folding. . . . . . Well, here you go. A

Greatest Hits: It’s the little things, people.

Originally from February of 2009, this post always reminds of how God is all about the details. . . . . . In January of 2007 I saw a beautiful shower curtain and shower curtain hooks at Target. I remember clearly that they were on the end of the aisle, deeply on sale. I’m talking

Greatest Hits

Dear friends, While I’m at camp this week, and while you are getting adjusted to the new digs around here, I thought I’d pull out some of the greatest hits posts from years past. Of course, if you are feeling extremely bored, to the right you’ll see a place called “archives” and you can just