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Dudes like pictures.

A few Fridays ago, after I had posted the Top 5 Dude Websites, I ran into my friends Bill* and Bob*. Bill* said, “Hey, saw your blog today- cool links.” But as we discussed the nuances of having a blog that is mostly read by women but a few dudes sprinkled here and there, Bob*

Smile, Wednesday. Yeah, I know it’s Thursday.

I feel that it is very avant-garde of me to do this post a day after the series title. Also. To be more truthful, I left my computer’s power cord at Mocha Club on Tuesday night, so I was unable to write a blog post on for Wednesday because ye old laptop was so dead

Smile, Wednesday: Downton Abbey Premiere

[UPDATE: It is 2:23pm in Scotland and I am JUST realizing that today is Tuesday. Not Wednesday. Sorry. And weird.] I’ve been a lame blogger this week. Forgive me. But here are tons of pictures from our Crossroads Church Girls Dinner / Downton Abbey Premiere on Sunday night. Yep, Downton Abbey Season 2. I know.

Smile Wednesday: Tuesday edition.

Because we have some other things to discuss tomorrow. That’s why. And also. I like to keep you on your toes, people. You need to be ready for anything, any day, you just don’t know what I’m gonna throw your way. If you’ll recall, we did have a Top 5 Friday on a Saturday a

Smile Wednesday: Around town

The last few weeks have been such a blast. Especially with having the Edinburgh International Book Festival going on! My friends Esther and Harry and I stopped by the festival one day and Harry, not quite being the reader type, looked around and then smiled and me and said, “I’m glad they have something like

Smile, Wednesday: Getting our skype on.

One of the joys of being overseas in 2011 is the ease in connecting with home. Were it 1911, I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to leave home and only get a letter once a month. I like that I can talk to friends and family every day. For example, when I fell on

Smile, Wednesday.

I’m a terrible blogger this week. Forgive me. On with the pictures…. it’s the least I can do for you, friends. Tell me how much you love Graham’s handlebar mustache on the top row center? I. KNOW. Here’s what I need to tell you about my future, according to MASH. I will live in a

Smile and Link, Wednesday.

Kinda like “smile and wink” – get it? Of course you do. The main picture I have for today is something that my co-worker Jeff did without my permission. We like to call her Bald Annie. If that doesn’t make your Wednesday better, I don’t know what will. And I’ll tell you this. If I