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E-cards and Friendsgiving.

Recently, when brainstorming about my job and what I do and how I spend my time, someone asked me why we created Speak Love Now. [I’ve told you about it before.] In October, hundreds of people sent Speak Love Now e-cards to people in their lives that just needed a moment of encouragement. And on

Stop Bullying Celebrities.

Y’all know I get a little PASSIONATE ABOUT SOME THINGS, and today, what has my feathers all ruffled is seeing how the public treat celebrities. Yes, I wrote about it in Speak Love. Yes, I wrote about it when Miley made a scene at the VMAs. And I’m going to keep writing about it until

For Rebecca Sedwick.

Please take time to watch this video. If you haven’t heard the news story yet, here it is in full. Rebecca Sedwick, a 12 year old girl in Lakeland, Florida committed suicide last week after being cyber-bullied for years by other middle school girls. FIFTEEN OF THEM. And as you saw in the video, Rebecca

Speak Love Now.

I hope you’ve caught on to the vision of this book a little bit now. Watch the trailer again if not. (Subscribers, there is a video here. Just FYI. You know, if you wanna click over or whatevs.) See, Speak Love isn’t just a book. It’s a movement. And it’s time to really get the

So….. that happened.

How does one write a blog post after a bazillion people read the previous blog post? Great question. First of all, I’d like to say thanks. For sharing the post, for checking on me to make sure I didn’t explode when AnnieBlogs did, and for you regulars, thanks for knowing my heart. One of my

Why Jamie-Grace?

Jamie-Grace and I met a year and a half ago at a Mac Powell country concert. Here’s what. I thought she was really cool and my friends who know her LOVE her, so Mac’s wife introduced us and we both were like, “whoaaaaaaa I think we should be real friends.” And so it began. We

More about Speak Love

I’m writing more of the story behind Speak Love today over at (in)courage — check it out! Yesterday was fun y’all. And we keep trucking today… helping this little book get in front of as many teen/college girls’ eyes as possible! Thank you, each of you, for how you have shared about Speak Love!  


TODAY IS THE DAY, FRIENDS!!! Speak Love has officially released! So that means that you should be able to walk into any bookstore and they should have the book on the shelf! [If they don’t? ASK FOR IT!] And of course, it’s on the internet. 🙂 So. You know. Wherever you want it, you should

Speak Love: We Need You

Sweet friends, Tomorrow is the day. The day that Speak Love releases out into the world. And I could really use your help. You know I have been hopes and dreams for this book, but I am aware that without you guys, I don’t think we can get there. It would mean so much to

one week. One Week! ONE WEEK!!

I mean, not that I’m excited or anything, but SPEAK LOVE comes out in one week! ONE WEEK. SEVEN DAYS. 525,600 minutes…. wait. That’s not right. I got too excited. . . . . . Next Tuesday, Speak Love will finally be available in the bookstores in your town and it will ship out from