Greatest Hits

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Dear friends,

While I’m at camp this week, and while you are getting adjusted to the new digs around here, I thought I’d pull out some of the greatest hits posts from years past.

Of course, if you are feeling extremely bored, to the right you’ll see a place called “archives” and you can just go back to when my blog was just a baby and read on until you get sick of Annie. [Which, my friends say, takes approximately 4 hours.]

So I’ve gone through google analytics and literally pulled the posts that have the, wait for it, greatest amount of hits and I’ll be sharing those- some old and some newer- over the next few days.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading some stuff that may be new to you… especially you lovelies who have come around in the last year or so.

. . . . .

Your assignment, should you choose to accept:

In the comments below, link us to YOUR greatest hit blog post [or just your favorite one you have EVER written in the history of your blog].

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