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It’s glaze, not grease.

So this weekend, my mom came to Nashville [also known as “the best idea we’ve had in a long time”]. And she came bearing a life-changing cream cheese experience. Of course, giving dairy credit where dairy credit is due, this recipe is originally from BooMama, my mentor in many things of life and all things

SheSpeaks: Ze Recap 09

Oh man there is such. pressure. to recap well. Let me tell you this first:  SheSpeaks is a Christian womens conference put on by Proverbs 31 for writers, speakers, bloggers, and women’s ministry workers. So that’s where I was. The other pressure is to link to all my friends and make sure that you get

We interrupt our reguarly scheduled blogging to discuss green beans.

Because I really had no idea that fried green beans were uncommon. I was talking with Sophie yesterday and came to realize that if she, queen of all things Southern battered and fried, did not know about said bean delicacy, that maybe it was time that all my people got them some education. In the