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Confession: I love having my picture taken. As ridiculous as this statistic is, I’m going to give it to you anyways: I am currently tagged in 512 pictures on facebook. FIVE HUNDRED AND TWELVE. That’s a lot of “say cheese.” Including this picture- I’m the second from the left in the blue dress. With eight

Going The Distance.

I am not typically a brave person. I’m just not. You are not going to catch me swimming with sharks or jumping out of planes. I grew up in Georgia, went to college in Georgia, and moved back to my hometown after college. I mean, I didn’t move back in with my parents, so I

Like a spaceship, only quieter. And less smoke.

It’s LAUNCH DAY over at (in)courage! I cannot WAIT for y’all to read the beautiful posts that are already up. Sheesh. I’m running with some writing big dawgs, that is for sure. So hop on over to http://www.incourage.me/. And what I find particularly helpful is that there is a place to subscribe to their posts,

SheSpeaks: Ze Recap 09

Oh man there is such. pressure. to recap well. Let me tell you this first:  SheSpeaks is a Christian womens conference put on by Proverbs 31 for writers, speakers, bloggers, and women’s ministry workers. So that’s where I was. The other pressure is to link to all my friends and make sure that you get