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Twitter Chai.

Last week, my friend Lauren left the Mocha Club to run some errands. When she mentioned a swing by The Perch, I got real happy. Cause it was raining. And fall-like outside. And I’m addicted to soy chai lattes. I thought it would be cool to mention on twitter that I was preparing my mouth

March comes in like a …. list?

Sure it does. *It for real comes in like an abominable snow man because GOOD GRAVY PETE it is cold here in Nashville.  24 degrees?  No thank you, March. *Meet my new best friend iPhone. Her name is Anita.  She’s about the cutest thing goin’.  I’m excited. A little bit.  A lot bit. [Anita is

When Twitter changed my complexion.

Sophie and Melanie talked me into signing up for twitter last June. I didn’t love it; in fact, it kinda annoyed me.  But I’m of the persuasion that if Sophie or Melanie tell me to do something, I usually do it.  Except this dare they gave me one time.  Let’s just say I don’t believe