I don’t often use my blog, and my blog readers, for my own personal gain. Except today. I will do it guilt-free today.

See this man? Jeff Lewis? The star of Flipping Out, possibly my very favorite show on cable television right now? I want to know him. I want to be friends with him.

I want you to help me.

And so begins MISSION: JEFF LEWIS.

I don’t care how you go about it, as long as it is legal and not at all creepy. But somehow I want Jeff to see this blog, read it and say, “That seems like a normal, nice girl that I would enjoy meeting” (because I am that, Jeff), and then proceed to schedule on his calendar for us to hang. I am going to Los Angeles in March, so that is a total possibility. Though a stretch, I understand.

So here are some other options that are equally acceptable –

1) a photograph signed to me from Jeff (with some sort of authentication)

2) an email (easy, but again authentication required)

Okay? Oh, and there is a prize. Were you to be the one, The One, who makes this happen for me, fulfills a season-long dream of mine, you will receive prize-topia.

We’ll call it the Annie Lives In Nashville Prize Pack.

Included in said Prize Pack– a Scotland t-shirt (because I have a few extras), a pair of pajamas (that don’t fit in my PJ drawer), a book off my bookshelf (of your choosing), something Nashville-like (uh, a guitar shaped donut?), and maybe something from someone famous. I don’t know. I’ll try to meet someone famous and get something from them. And obviously, a blog post singing the praises of you, finest internet stalker I have ever been privileged to know.

So, there is your challenge, blog-land. Embrace it. Run with it. Make my proud.

But don’t get me put in jail. Or yourselves, for that matter. Or Jeff. Because that’s what we in the biz call “Counter-Productive”.

Let's be friends!

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