Be ye not concerned. Tomorrow you shall receive a full, detailed, photos-included recap of my time in LA including, but not limited to, THE GRAMMYS.

[Preview: It. Was. Awesome.]

But first. Something important and serious and personal.

My weight.

Even now, my stomach hurts and I’m hating this post. In fact, I just rolled my eyes and said, “hating this post” out loud as I typed it. [Totally a Kathleen Kelly/You’ve Got Mail thing to do.]

But you are my people. The handful of you friends that show up here every day deserve to know what is going on. And truth be told, I feel like this is a big part of what God is doing in this next season of my life. So, here’s the story:

I saw a commercial a few weeks ago about the Subway Get Fit Challenge. Many local NBC affiliates are hosting it in their town. Including Nashville. It’s like a local Biggest Loser- 10 finalists, all weighing on TV, working out, eating right, being interviewed through the whole process. The contest ends in May.

In some stroke of insanity, I applied. They would be taking 10 finalists but hundreds would apply.

I made the top 15. And because I love you and I love God, I’m not going to repeat what I said right when I found out. Because shock makes people utter things that they normally would not utter. Forgive me.

I’m not going to go into the details of the emotional roller coaster that was the next few days. It involved telling some people. Doing an interview at Channel 4. Then waiting four days to see if I made the cut to the top 10.

I did.

And today, we aren’t going to talk about the emotional heart side of things. Bear with me. I just can’t. It’s really hard.

But, instead, I will give you some instructions. Because HELLO I AM ON TELEVISION AND IF I CAN FORGET THE WEIGHT PART I AM THRILLED.

Across the top of this page is a ANNIE GETS FIT tab (if not now, soon, I promise!). That will remain here throughout the contest. That will link you directly to my personal page on the WSMV site. There you will see some facts about me [which please, don’t bring up. Seriously. I know in my head that you can all see my weight on that page, but I’m pretending like you can’t. Maybe that’s crazy. I don’t care.] You will also see a new blog video every Friday and a new blog post once a week.

Also, here’s the main website so you can see my competitors. They are all great. For realz.

Here’s what you may want to do: subscribe to the ANNIE GETS FIT blog. Leave comments there or here or anywhere. I get ’em all.

Also, for your viewing pleasure- HERE is the first segment that ran on Nashville TV. My friends in Nash? They are amazing.

There’s a lot to say about all of this. A whole whole lot. I’m grateful that I got picked because I’m excited about this journey. And terrified. And embarrassed. And honored. That’s a mess of emotion that we’ll unpack in the future.

But here’s the thing I need from you: just. pray. Pray I don’t quit. Pray I honor God. Pray I work hard. Pray that when this is all said and done, that no matter what the scale says, God will have received the glory. ALL the glory. This isn’t just about me. As Donald Miller says, this is a story about the forest and I am just a tree.

A chubby tree. 🙂 For now.

[I know this post is long. Sorry. But this is a huge deal for me and I just needed to type it all out. Forgive me and check out the links. Thanks.]

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