Charlotte. A list.

Let me make a list of reasons I am excited that Girls of Grace heads to Charlotte this weekend. Everybody cool with a list? Me hopes yes.

1. This new banner.

Do you love it or WHAT? I know. I’m dying with happy. Jonathan Rush designed it and it is just plain adorable. Also, it will help when people are like, “Oh, that girl on stage. She’s the one with the book.” Because, you know, prior to that, they may have been confused. You never know.

2. I have family in Charlotte. Particularly a cousin who is hilarious and we like a lot of the same things and we hung out in Scotland and laughed and I get to see her. So that’s neato.

3. While I put on a pretty rockstar front to you guys [no I don’t], I still think some of this new job with Girls of Grace is BEYOND cool. Example? I get to ride the tour bus to Charlotte. I like tour buses. I think they are fun. And I love when all my friends are trapped in the same place with me and have to hang out [see: camp, retreats, buses, airplanes, foreign countries].

[Someday soon I should tell you how amazingly cool it is to be on tour getting to speak on weekends and hang out with cool speakers and musicians and POINT OF GRACE. I’ll make a note of that for a future blog post.]

I know I live in Nashville and I’m supposed to play it real cool about the tour bus and everybody in this town does this for a living and yadda yadda yadda. So in public, I’m playing it cool. But here at the blog when it is just you guys? I’m totally being honest and saying SQUEEEAAAALLL. [But don’t tell Nashville, okay?]

4. I love the Carolinas. Except their SEC football team [ahem gamecocks]… but otherwise, love.

5. Amber is out on this same tour and I cannot say enough what a gift it is to travel with a bestie.

6. This is the last event before Perfectly Unique officially releases [insert panic here], so this will be the last group of gals to get the book in their paws early… I’m excited to start hearing what the readers have to say!

7. There is a new band out with us this weekend- For King & Country. Two [attractive] gentlemen from Australia… not mad about it. And then, of course, the ever lovely Meredith Andrews and my new favorite people ever, Group 1 Crew. So that will be a blast.

7 is my favorite number, so we’ll end right there. [Well, if you want to get technical, 7 is my favorite prime number. 21 is my all-time favorite number, 3 x 7…. oh man I’m a dork.]

. . . . .

Exciting news! I have two tickets for Saturday’s event to give away! So if you are in / near / like to drive to / want to fly to Charlotte, North Carolina, leave a comment and tell me who you would bring with you! A random winner will be drawn at noon EST on Friday… mainly because that’s when the tour manager needs the names for the comp list.

I know. A tour manager. A comp list. Don’t tell Nashville about this one either, but SQUEEEEAAALLLL.

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