Being single.

"One" On Brick (Washington, DC)

I rarely write about being single. There are a lot of reasons why that I won’t take time to list today. But a big one, if I’m being completely honest with you, is that I don’t want to be the poster gal for Single Christian Life. I just don’t.

You know what happens to poster people? They stay poster people.

The Single Christians Life poster girl? She stays single. And that’s a scary thought.

[Fine. You’re right. That is a ridiculous thing to believe. But most fears are, aren’t they?]

Do you know what finally convinced me to write about being single?


The ones of you who commented on Day 28, the ones of you who email me and tell me the things about being single that you don’t want to leave in a comment, the ones of you who comment at (in)courage.

Do you know what REALLY convinced me to write about being single?


I felt a real push from Him over the last few months to write about the honest emotions that are happening in this season of my life. If I wait until I’m married to tell you what this feels like, it won’t be authentic. It will be a memory.

Hope comes in more concentrated doses if you are getting it from someone IN the moment, versus in the memory.

So I’m not the poster girl for Single Christian Life.

I’m the poster girl for Hope.

Hop over to (in)courage today to see the beginnings of what God is doing for single women through that community….

[And for you gals who are here every day, ‘singlets’ as I like to call us, first of all, I’m sorry I haven’t talked more about this. Secondly, please give your 2¢ over at (in)courage. We REALLY want to know how to do this well.]

[Also, part 2 of the deportation story is tomorrow. Here’s Deportation Part 1 if you haven’t gotten to read it yet.]

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