In Real Life.

It remains true in my soul that one of my favorite yes’s was when I said yes to be an (in)courage writer.

Before there were books, before the speaking opportunities and magazine articles, and before you guys were reading (in)courage, we were just a group of writers who loved each other and loved to write about Jesus.

And then that little beach house exploded [in the best way] and thousands of women have found a home there.

I get it. I’ve found a home there too- with the other writers, who many have become some of my dearest friends, and with the readers. Commenting back and forth, reading posts and guest posts, we were one big happy internet-y family.

And then those crazies at (in)courage? They took it all (in)RL last year. Tons of women all over the world gathered in homes and churches and made face-to-face friendships with their online acquaintances. Twas beautiful.

So in real life it goes again in 2013, April 26th and 27th, and I couldn’t be happier.

[Check me out, rockin’ the couch at 0:30… or as I like to call it “zero beach trip thirty”]

[I’m gonna overuse that joke… “zero ___ thirty.” Consider yourself warned.]

I can’t tell you how enjoyable this (in)RL weekend is. For two days in April, you will meet those online gals that live in your neck of the woods. And maybe? Maybe you’ll make a new friend that will last.

I bet you will.

You need to experience it yourself.

Say yes. Be brave. Meet someone new.

And it’s free, y’all. Pure free.

So register.

Since my blog caught the flu this morning and was down for the count for a bit, I was going to wait and post about (in)RL tomorrow [Tuesday] but then I realized you get TONS OF FREE COOL STUFF TODAY [Monday] if you go ahead and register.

One of your freebies is an e-book that is absolutely beautiful and has a contribution from yours truly in it, so there’s that.

Because Jessica Turner is a deals ninja, I’m just gonna refer you to her to figure out what else you should do today thanks to (in)courage and Dayspring. She’s the kinda gal that gets companies like Kroger to pay her to take their food home, that’s how slick she is with the coupony codey biz. So trust her.

I’m grateful for (in)courage and I’m blessed by (in)RL. I hope you’ll join us.

. . . . .

You (in)? 🙂

Let's be friends!

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