Like an internet sized thank you note.

When my grandmother passed away about a month ago, we were kindly flooded with emails, phone calls, plants, and sweet cards, and food.

Lots and lots of food.

That I am still paying for, in the fatty kind of currency.

And Mama sent tons of thank you notes. I sent a few. A paltry few compared to the piles she had to mail.

But there was this group of women from our church, my mom’s best friends for years and years, who really went above and beyond in their preparation of food for our family.

I know. It’s just food.

But it tasted like love. Like friendship.

So though Mama mailed one to each of them [be ye not concerned, southern women, they did get a proper thank you note as well], this is my thank you note.

Click on over to my bloggy vacation home to read the article dedicated to the wonderful women who loved our family so well that day.


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