Links going in One Direction.


First of all, just please enjoy the One Direction ornament that now adorns my tree. I know. Hilarious.

I told you about it here– but I’m also writing more extensively about it today at (in)courage. What can I say? I learned a lot from those One Direction boys and their Wal-Mart ornament.

Somehow those five boys have become the theme of my life the last week. I haven’t decided how I feel about that yet. To be determined.

There are a few other things going on around the internet that I’d thought I’d bring to your attention.

–> In case you missed it last week, let me know if you want a bookplate to stick inside either Perfectly Unique or Speak Love for your gal this Christmas.

–> My sweet friend Tsh is giving away TEN COPIES! of Speak Love today over at The Art of Simple. Check it out. She’s my people. I love her so.

–> Speaking of Speak Love, we’re doing lots and lots of giveaways for the next few weeks mainly because I think it is fun and Zondervan is awesome. So check out the 12 Days of Speak Love.

–> Speaking of speaking of Speak Love, if you have read it, would you mind leaving a review? That would be super helpful for the mamas and leaders out there trying to decide which book to pick for the young women in their lives.

–> Last week, I had the honor of being interviewed by my long-time friend Kat about parenting and speaking love. I haven’t listened to it yet, besides when I talked to Kat, because I think my voice is kinda weird. But my mom really liked it, if that helps you decide about listening at all.

–> I love this post over at Deeper Story. Worth the read. And maybe a few of your bucks.

–> And finally. Speaking of One Direction [how is this possible to have another thing to say about them?], I watched their performance this weekend from Saturday Night Live and to be honest, I haven’t quit watching it. These dudes are incredibly talented! I’m impressed. Impressed enough to hang their ornament on my tree? Apparently.

So. Let me share.

Fine. This one is great too and then I promise I’ll go back to being 33 instead of 13.

. . . . .

Y’all have any great links to share today? I’d love to check out what is entertaining you on the internet these days!

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