Hey single girls, we need YOUR story.

I’m going to get pushy today, consider yourself warned. Maybe it’s because I’m up early writing and feeling a bit of fire in my bones or maybe it’s because my oatmeal is perfect, but either way, buckle up.

Why are you not sharing your story?

To be honest, I’m looking at you, single girls. (Marrieds and mamas, you are always welcome here, OBVI, but today I’m gonna get bossy with the singlets, just so you know.)

My single friend, why don’t you share your story? Not just your story of singleness and how that has affected your life. But your story of what matters to you, how you got HERE (wherever HERE is) and why you are pursuing the things you are pursuing.

Why don’t you get together with other women and tell your story. THEY NEED YOUR STORY. You think because you are twenty-four and single that no one will want to hear of the struggles of that or the broken engagement or the worries because you are too young. You think no one wants to hear your story because you are fifty-four and have always been single. You think no one wants to hear your story because you are forty-four and single again and you have nothing to offer.

Friends. You are hearing lies.

Truth? I need your story. I need to hear what you are surviving so that I can survive too. I need to hear what you are dreaming so I’m brave enough to dream. I need to hear where you are going so I can meet you there.

Someone is needing to hear you. Someone is already stretching their ear in your direction just waiting on a word to be dropped like water on a parched tongue.

I know it’s not always fun to talk about being single. BELIEVE YOU ME. I know. But I also know the power of a testimony. I know that the Bible says that we overcome by the blood of the Lamb AND the words of what we have lived (Revelation 12:11).

This year, (in)RL’s theme is “we need YOUR story” and I think you need to be a part of it. Because I think it is time that we start telling our stories- really telling them, to the people in our lives and on our internets.

(in)RL is April 25-26, exactly one month away. CHECK HERE for all the details. Why not attend a meet up on that Saturday in your town…even though you figure it will be full of mamas and their stories are different than yours? Because they need your story. You need their stories. So show up.

Or tune in from home and muster up some courage to write your story.

Or start a meet up, in your own living room, and invite other local (in)couragers to join you?

However you join, SIGN UP to watch online and be a part of learning why to share, how to share, where to share, and who to share your story with. And I hope you get a chance to share your story on April 25-26…. at your dining room table, around a fire pit, at the restaurant, in the face of the one who needs it.

I’ll be there April 25-26 and I’ll be sharing my story.


Meet me there?

My single friends, it’s time we shared our stories. 

We need YOUR story.

Let's be friends!

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