bookLet’s All Be Brave releases tomorrow. (That also means that until the end of today you can get the pre-order swag.)

And there are so many things I’m probably supposed to say to you today about how I need your help to make sure people know about the book and links to this and that. I will happily share that tomorrow, on the actual release date.

But for today? I just keep writing sentences and deleting them and tearing up thinking about what it means that Let’s All Be Brave is a real book that real people can read and I don’t know how to properly share all that with you without us just sitting across the table and me holding your hand and telling you what it means to me that you even care about this book.

So thank you.

Thank you for believing in me as a writer, as a speaker, and as a human. And as your friend.

Thanks for the emails and the tweets and the comments and all the ways you have reached out to me and encouraged me, especially last year when I was neck deep writing this book and it was the most challenging, draining and painful experience of my life (…says the woman who has never birthed a child). But until I do have a kid, this is the closest thing I know to that.

So today, as I’m working with Zondervan to make sure that we are all set for tomorrow, all I can think is I wish we were sitting in my living room and laughing and talking and watching as strangers pick up and buy Let’s All Be Brave and celebrating together- because this feels like our thing, not just my thing, in a lot of ways.

(I am excelling at run-on sentences today and if you knew how many times I have written and rewritten this blog post you’d be all HOW DID YOU EVER FINISH A BOOK?)

Speaking of finishing, I don’t know how to finish this post, except to say – again – thank you.

You are a big part of my dreams coming true. I’m more grateful than you know. Love love love.

See y’all tomorrow.


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