Let’s build a LAUNCH TEAM!

Looking for Lovely Launch Team!

Oh y’all. We are so so close (as in, like TWO WEEKS) from sharing all about the new book and telling you about the tricks and treats that go along with it (and THERE ARE PLENTY… I’m so thrilled!).

But first! We need to build an official team to help get the word out.

So we only have 300 spots- that’s it!- and here’s the kind of gals we’re looking for to fill the spots:

  • someone who LOVES books!
  • someone that loves the internet and isn’t afraid of social media!
  • someone who is willing to post about the book’s release and write a review on Amazon and Barnes&Noble!
  • someone who is interested in what a book launch is all about! (If you have done book launches for other authors before, that’s great too!)

Here’s what I don’t care about:

  • your age! This is a book for women 20-100, so if you’re in that window, you are welcome!
  • your location! Anywhere you live, as long as you’ve got the internet, I’m down with it!
  • your social media numbers! You do NOT have to be followed by 2 million people on twitter to be on our launch team.

Here’s what you get:

  • A first look at the new book! (I’m both THRILLED and NERVOUS. Obvi.)
  • A free copy of the book!
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can interact with the teammates…. and I’ll be in there too, acting like a yahoo I’m sure.
  • probably glitter. Just don’t be surprised.
  • And other fun things because I love to have fun with my friends.

here is the application!

Pretty much, the 300 lovelies we select to be on the launch team will be my people who help us get this book into all the right hands and minds and hearts. And I am just so happy I get to give 300 of you a free copy of the book. I kinda love giving books to my friends, so this works out perfectly.

I can’t wait to really tell you more about the book. It was heartbreaking and healing to write, it is the most honest thing I’ve ever put on paper, and I’m so hopeful for the healing God will bring through it.

So I hope you’ll join the team– hurry and fill out the application before the spaces all fill up!

. . . . .

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