90 degree shift.

I’m a big believer in creating a sacred bedroom space.

[FYI- this post is NOT going to get sexy. Don’t worry.]

Especially for those of us that are adult-aged women but share homes with roommates [i.e- other adult-aged women], your bedroom is really the only place that you can guarantee your own style and sanity will remain intact.

I painted my bedroom two different shades of grey a few months ago and have loved it. I have a bed and bedside tables, a chair and a small table, and a dresser. No television. No desk.

Simplicity is the key for me.

But as the months have drawn on [I’ve lived in this house since February], my bedroom has become less of a sanctuary and more of a catch-all.

Confession: I have a messy room like a 15-year old boy. I’ve always been messy. I don’t like it, but it’s true. So especially with my recent travel schedule, popping into my Nash-life for 48 hours before popping out again for 72, my room has consisted of many a laundry pile on the floor, suitcases and shoes strewn about, a chair covered in junk, and a habitually unmade bed.

[Need I give you more reason that I should be wed? If I shared a bedroom, maybe I would keep it clean. Hear that, God? There’s another reason to add to our list- I’ll start cleaning my room if You will work out this whole marriage deal.]

I got pretty sick of the whole thing this week. Especially since I took a break and have been home for almost ten days straight, I realized that this room has lost it’s mojo.

[Again, not sexy mojo. Peaceful mojo.]

On Friday night, I politely declined the fun social opportunities and instead, went to Target alone. Retail therapy is a real thing, y’all, especially when Target has those 30% off row ends. I found some beautiful gold curtains and curtain rods on major sale. So I nabbed ’em.

I came home and I cleaned my room. I started the washing machine and piled up the other loads for future washing and drying. [Ever since living in Scotland, I can’t tell you how many times I am grateful for a tumble dryer. Yes I can. EVERY time. That’s how many times.]

I knew something of my furniture arrangement needed to change. For many reasons, I just longed for newness. New curtains, new season, new look for the room.

So I shifted my bed 90 degrees to the right, put it in front of the window, and took down my drapes of fabric on my four poster bed.

 My friend Annie, who decorates beautifully, says you should always walk into a room and see the bed facing you. I get that. And that’s how my bed was. Now you walk in and see the side. Not as awesome.


My view? It’s gorgeous.

 Sorry these pics were taken at night. I was sending them to my friends as I hung the curtains. But you can kinda see the two shades of grey, right? The back wall is darker than the near walls.

I love what I see now. My chair. The curtains. Some art to the left. It just feels cozy and warm and happy.

I needed that.

You know, wanting [needing?] change isn’t a bad thing. And for about $35 and two hours worth of work [I had to iron those puppies– they were a folded mess], my whole outlook has changed.

Peace has returned, even if the messy hasn’t totally left [as evidenced above].

. . . . .

How have you found simple inexpensive ways to bring peace into your home?

Also… don’t forget we’ve got 31 days of jokes going on! Day 8 is a real treat. But Day 6 remains my favorite so far.

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