Making chocolate chip promises that I find challenging to keep.

It’s 1:23am.

That’s stupid.  Why am I up, you ask?

Because I, actually, am stupid.

I said, “hey, it’ll be fun to make some cookies for my friends.”

And that, actually, is fun.

Then I said, “Oh, I’ll have to take them to my friends at 8am because I have somewhere to be.”

And that too, actually, is fun.

Remembering at 11:45pm that you haven’t exactly MADE those cookies yet?

Not so fun.

See Annie bake.


At 1:22am.


And though I am probably considered a Real Actress now, this is not an act.  In fact, it is genuinely the state that my face has been in for the last hour.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, now I know you are judging me for having an AT&T phone that isn’t an iPhone.  Can’t a girl have a heart for the flip phone without being looked down upon?

Here’s the reality of the situation.  I’ve typed about 200 words and I’ve got about 2,451 left of COMPLETE NONSENSE that I could type out real fast and then you would have to email me and say, “Thank you, AnnieBlogs, for wasting those 5 minutes of my life.”  In which case I’d feel really bad.  And I try to avoid guilt.  But these are the thoughts that pass through my head after midnight.

Which is why SLEEPING at this hour is a wise use of my time.

Oookkkaayyy.  We’ve reached our limits here.  [Because I just started brainstorming a list of other wise things to do at 1:23am.  And I’m pretty sure they are all dumb to you, while hilarious right now to me.]

Tomorrow I’ll write some sort of inspiring / hilarious / worth your time post and I will pull down this ridiculous post [to which I am bizarrely already emotionally attached] and have it disappear into the land of embarrassing late night blogging.

So for you insomniacs, and West Coasters, congrats on getting to see this post.

Or I’m sorry.


I’ve eaten too much cookie dough.


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