The time I decided to build something.

So I had in my mind a vision to add some cool lighting to our back porch. I could see it in my head- I would buy some tall wood from Home Depot, attach it to the deck, then string lights.  Easy enough. Sounded like a fun Sunday afternoon… until I told the plan to my Jasons at lunch [who we will bitterly lovingly call “My Two Dads” from here on out]. Because neither of them had any inkling of faith in my ability to construct the mood lighting I was looking for. So maybe I didn’t exactly know what kind of wood I wanted [why is “tall” not an appropriate answer?] or have any history of building something correctly [I still think super glue would have worked], but I knew in my mind that I could pull this off.

Ignoring my instruction to “Just! Let! Me! Do! It!“, My Two Dads and I went to Home Depot.home-depot-1

We purchased 4 tall pieces of wood [like I said….] and 4 hooks.  Then I went to Target and got the lights. And my job was to collect the supplies before they got to my house.


[May I take this time to insert that I love my Jasons and I have ZERO complaints about them helping me out EXCEPT they wouldn’t let me wear a tool belt.  I really wanted to wear a tool belt.]

Anyways. So here’s the back porch before the magical transformation brought to you by My Two Dads.


We screwed the hooks into the top of the tall pieces of wood first so that the lights would have something on which to hang.  Then we made sure that the wood was level before we nailed it to the porch.


I know. I’m ridiculously helpful. Pointing and saying, “Hey, the bubble is in the middle!!” [I am also VERY knowledgeable.] The only thing that would have made the moment more legit would have been a tool belt.  But whatevs.

Then My Two Dads started hopping and stringing and leveling, so I just got out of the way. [And photographed, obviously, because second to the excitement of actually doing the project was the excitement of blogging about it. Duh.]level-jasons

And yes, they have on totally different outfits than at Home Depot. The same day.  Blame a mid-afternoon game of basketball and the fact that my Jasons? They are TRENDY.

We only had one smallish incident. Twice. Don’t you hate that?


But in the end, My Two Dads proved that they know everything about everything. And that their skill set is ever increasing.beautiful

I have to get one more strand of lights, but because I severely lack patience, I’m putting up an incomplete picture because I just want you to see it. right. now.

So even though I’m fairly certain of the power of the tool belt and my ability to do all things on my own [ahem], I’m really grateful for My Two Jasons. [I refuse to get mushy here. Trust me, I could do it. But I won’t. The Jasons don’t prefer it.]

By the way, boys. Next weekend? We’re putting in a pool.

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