Book Clubs!


So here’s a fun idea.

Let’s read Perfectly Unique and/or Speak Love together! 

Watch the video below for more details!

So…. to sum it up:

–> There will be two online book clubs this spring that run from February 6-May 1.

–> Each week, I will send a video out to each book club (one for Perfectly Uniquers and one for Speak Lovelies) with discussion questions. There will also be a secret Facebook group for each book club.

(PS- if you aren’t on Facebook, no biggie. You can still join the book clubs!)

–> The first 20 gals who join each group will get a Skype date with me sometime in June to discuss the book they read, what we learned, and to answer any questions.


–> Only the first fifty girls who sign up for each group will be able to participate this semester.

Why are we doing this?

Because a lot of girls got one of these books for Christmas and may just want some friends to read with. Because you may be looking for a group of gals to talk to about life. Because you may think it is cool to read the same book as a girl across the country or across the world and get to talk about it.

Also? We just think it will be really fun to get to know 100 girls this semester, mail them cool stuff, and see what God does in our hearts and lives!

So if you are interested, join us! If you know a young woman who would be interested, will you share? If you gave someone a copy of Speak Love or Perfectly Unique for Christmas, this could be a cool thing to let them know about!

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