2017 Christmas Party Episode 4: Hallmark Christmas Movies + Alicia Witt

Ask and you shall receive, friends! An entire episode about our favorite Hallmark Christmas movies, past and present, with a few of my best friends who happen to be legit experts on the subject. (Like, way more expert than I was even expecting.)

And a surprise INCREDIBLY fun special guest appearance by Alicia Witt, amazing actress and star of my VERY FAVORITE OF ALL TIME Hallmark Christmas movie, A Very Merry Mixup.

This may end up being your very favorite episode. It kinda is mine. 🙂

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Alicia Witt

Jami Crockett

Jennifer Colquitt

Jon McLaughlin’s new Christmas EP

Hallmark Channel

Video of 2 guys jumping off a cliff (without a parachute) and landing INTO a plane. INSANE.

the Exorcist TV Series

Zuleikha Robinson

Ingrid Michaelson

Alicia’s music, check it out!

Candace Cameron Bure

Hallmark’s Fan Favorites

-article from The Wall Street Journal, How the Hallmark Channel Became a Christmas Movie Machine

Our Favorites:

Hallmark Christmas Movie Bingo

Year-Round Favorites


Lifetime Movies


^^Megan Markle + Prince Harry = real life Love Actually…Mind. Blown.

Get 100 Days to Brave signed for Christmas!

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