2019 Christmas Party Episode 5: Enneagram Gift Guide

As we recorded EnneaSummer2019 episodes (which you can go back to June 2019 and listen to), I asked each enneagram pair to tell us about what they’d like for Christmas.

Today, my three lifelong best friends- Molly, Misti, and Enneagram Coach Haley Watkins– sit down in the studio with me and we talk through each of the nine types of the enneagram and what they each would like for Christmas!

Enjoy these Christmas stories from 2019 guests Andrew Peterson, Trudy Cathy White, and Brian Dixon

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Haley Watkins Enneagram Coaching:

EnneaSummer 2019:

Phil Wickham’s Christmas Album

Marco Polo

Parks and Recreation


Chicago Cubs

Amazon Echo

Martin’s BBQ

Home Alone 2

Rockefeller Center

The Rockettes



Rachel Cruze

The Office

Beth McCord

Suzanne Stabile


Bare Minerals

Home Depot

Williams- Sonoma Peppermint Bark

The Container Store

Georgia Bulldogs

Atlanta Falcons

Six Flags

Old Edwards Inn

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