2020 Christmas Party Episode 1: Santa Claus

It’s time for our 12 Days of Christmas Party here at That Sounds Fun! And we kick this off with the best of men. My gracious, Santa Claus has got a lot to sort out this year in delivering gifts and keeping the elves healthy in the days of COVID-19 and if you’ve been wondering how he’s going to make this year work, I asked him all about it!

TOTALLY unrelated: Dave Barnes is the best and you should check out his music and his podcasts!

Remember we have episodes for you EVERY DAY between December 7-18! Twelve days of (Podcasting) Christmas!

. . . . .

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Listen Here

Dave Barnes

Rend Collective’s A Jolly Irish Christmas (Vol. 2)

Gilmore Girls

Nest cameras 

The Popcast

The Santa Clause

Dale Murphy 

Dadville podcast

Dave’s 5 Hot Takes podcast 


Uber Eats



Mary and Joseph song

Dave Barnes on the She Reads Truth podcast

Neon Moon song

Strawberry Wine song


The Great Pottery Throw Down

Ted Lasso 

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