That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 52: Jon Acuff

This has been a long time coming (and often requested by y’all!) and I am so glad to have my friend Jon Acuff on this episode. We had a blast chatting about Nashville things and Atlanta things and church things and writing things. He kinda blew my mind a few times- I think you’re gonna really appreciate his thoughts. Jon’s new book Finish is worth the read. Hope you’ll check it out.

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Here are links to the things Jon and I talked about on the podcast!

STORY Conference (Sept. 21-22; CODE: that sounds fun)

Catalyst Conference (Oct. 4-6; CODE: fun)

– Jon Acuff


Baja Burrito

Taqueria Del Sol


Jeni’s Ice Cream

North Point Church

CrossPoint Church

Scott Sauls

Joanna and Chip Gaines



Tim Sanders

Mark Twain

Prodigal Son Parable

The Shape of Ideas

The Gray Man

The New Jim Crow


The Genius of Birds

Madeleine L’Engle

Brad Gray

Parnassus Books

100 Days to Brave

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