That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 2: Ted Dekker

Here we goooooooo!

Episode 2 of the That Sounds Fun podcast features the second half of my interview with Ted Dekker. (And no kidding, that is still a sentence that makes me almost giggle with amazement that I even got to speak to one of my writing heroes.)

In an effort to continue to improve this little podcast experiment, I’m going to be sharing links below the podcast player to the people and topics and products we discuss. I saw my friend Jamie Ivey do it, so I copied her. Obviously.

Hope you enjoy this episode!

Here are links to the things we discuss or share in this podcast:

Episode 1 of That Sounds Fun

Dave Barnes

Dave Barnes’s song Good

Blog post from this week: When singleness feels like a mess

Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker’s book AD30

Ted Dekker’s Circle Series

Real Simple Magazine

Serial Podcast

Dave Barnes’s album Very Merry Christmas

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. . . . .

Okay, friends. So we’re two episodes in and while we’ve got tons of ideas swirling of who else to talk with and what else to discuss, I definitely want to talk about stuff you care about and interview people you want to hear from! So if you’ve got ideas or thoughts, drop them in the comments! 

And the volume thing was better, right? I found this one little switch and another little level slider thing that I think really did the trick. I’m sure they have real names to sound engineers, but. you know. I’m not that.

Next episode will be probably be January 6th unless my assistant Sarah and I can’t resist making one next week. 🙂

. . . . .

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