That Sounds Fun Episode 28: Russ Ramsey

This podcast is going to be a bit of balm to your soul, friends. Russ Ramsey just has that way about him. He is a pastor to seekers, a category I am always in, and you can sense it when you listen to him- he is concerned for the hearts that have questions. He also understands how to fry cheese which is a bit of a revolutionary process in my mind. His new book, Struck, is an invitation to walk his story, a lament, a story of suffering, and a story of love. It’s beautiful and I’m so glad I got talk with him about it.

Hope you love this episode!

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Here are the links we talked about in the podcast!

Ellie Holcomb

– Russ Ramsey

– Struck

Frozen cheese

Sonic Drive-In

Christ Presbyterian Church

Scott Sauls


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

He Reads Truth

She Reads Truth

Songs from Struck

Clean Water Cartwheels

Wendell Berry

Springer Mountain

Appalachian Trail

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