That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 5: Jessica Turner

Okay, you guys? I just can’t even pretend like this isn’t my NEW FAVORITE THING EVER. I am having the very best time making podcasts. Like, seriously. Can you feel my excitement? But for real. Can you?

This week, we get to talk with my friend Jessica Turner. It’s a fun day for Jess because her book, The Fringe Hours, releases today! Jess and I have been friends for such a long time and I have loved watching the birth of this book.

Here’s an embarrassing story. So last week I went to Jessica’s house to record this podcast. We did it, it was soooo good and so fun. And then I got home and I had screwed up the recording. LIKE MAJORLY. Like you each out have fired me 100 times for what a terrible job I did recording the HOUR with Jessica.

I called an SOS to a recording friend and I went to his house and he tried to fix it and he was all, “Uhhh. Annie? You need to redo this.”

So can you believe I had to make Jessica do this again?

Yes. Being my friend is a bit of a nightmare.

But the end result is super super fun.

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Here are the links to things we discuss on the podcast:

— The Fringe Hours (the book)

The Fringe Hours (the website)

— Jessica Turner

Nish Weiseth’s book Speak

Jessica’s viral blogpost “Put on that Swimsuit”


— Snapfish App for printing photos off your phone 

— American Girl Dolls

The Fringe Hours Bloom Book Club

Emily Freeman’s post “How to Stay Sane on the Internet”

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Do you know a woman who could really benefit from thinking through her Fringe Hours? Send her a link to this podcast and grab her a copy of Jessica’s new book!

And just in case I haven’t said this out loud to you yet, a new episode of the podcast gets released every other Tuesday. So the next one is March 3!

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