That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 1: Ted Dekker

I dunno, you guys.

I just decided it was time.

Here’s how I decided.

Author Ted Dekker said I could interview him. And I was all “YES PLEASE uhhhh…. where do I put it?”

Literally. That’s how it went. And now we have a podcast.

Yes, I had talked with friends forever about wanting to do a podcast and yes I think it is a good idea and yes I think it will be great fun. So I had planned to jump in this podcast pool, but Ted Dekker kind of shoved me off the diving board…. is a sentence I never thought I’d write.

Soooo anyways! Here’s the first podcast of many I hope. The goals for the podcast are simple (here’s the description):

Christian author and speaker Annie F. Downs shares with you some of her favorite things: new books, faith conversations, restaurants, travel stories, musicians not to miss, interviews with friends. Pretty much, if it sounds fun to Annie, you’re gonna hear about it.

So I just mainly can’t wait to share my life with you in a new and hopefully fun way. (And obviously I’m new at this, being that the volume is wacky at the beginning and there are a few silent minutes at the end. OOPS. I’m learning, people. 🙂 )

. . . . .

The bulk of this first episode is Ted Dekker and I discussing AD 30. It was soooo awesome, y’all. Like whoa awesome. And the stuff he says? Yeah, you’ll want to quote him. Seriously. I took notes the whole conversation.

If you are new to podcasts, just think of a radio show that you can listen to at your convenience. You can listen through your computer or phone or iPad. And you can subscribe to podcasts so that every time a new one is posted, it pops right into your iTunes. (The folks at the Serial Podcast created a great video/explanation of how to listen to a podcast if you need a quick tutorial.)

Here is the iTunes link!

Or you can listen here or you can just press play below!

. . . . .

So what do you think, guys!?!?

What would you like me to talk about in future episodes?

Who would you like to see me interview?

Let's be friends!

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