31 Books: Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics (Book #18)


BarefootBarefoot Contessa Back To Basics

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Ina Garten

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What the book is about:

In this cookbook, Ina offers almost 100 brand new recipes, all tried and tested to the highest standard and beautifully illustrated in full-color throughout. Focusing on her simple techniques, this book has something for everyone. So, whether you’re aiming to prepare a delicious main-course ‘crowd-pleaser’, a quick and easy tea-time treat, or something a little more sophisticated for a special occasion, they’re all here – and with simple instructions to guarantee success every time!

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Why I like it:

Ina makes beautiful food. Her show on Food Network is an absolute fav of mine. I peruse her cookbooks and the photos are gorgeous and in this particular cookbook, the recipes are simple in technique and a teaching kind of cookbook.

Young women and food can be a complicated relationship- you probably personally know that as well as I do. So I think one way to have healthy conversation about it is to teach them how to cook beautiful healthy food. Appreciating color and seasons and health and the joy of cooking for people that you love? These are things to be instilled into the next generation. This book teaches technique as well as appreciation- perfect combo.

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