Today I go to Scotland.

This is my favorite picture from Scotland last year, which is why I’ve used it twice, because it says exactly how I feel about that place, even though my hair has a major swoop sitch going on.

Here’s another sitch we have before us: My suitcase weighs 62.5 pounds.

No bueno.

And so sometime between now and takeoff, I will have to unload 12.5 pounds of something-or-other and I can promise you that whatever outfit I take out will be the EXACT outfit I wish to wear multiple times in the next two weeks.

Ahhh, tis life.

I am that today is here!

You will just LOVE my travel schedule…. as in, you will laugh at this. So I took the Megabus down to Atlanta from Nashville yesterday, fly today to Glasgow, stay there for a week, head over to Edinburgh for a few days, pop back to Glasgow to fly to Phoenix for my FIRST GIRLS OF GRACE LET’S PANIC ABOUT THAT LATER and then I fly back to Nashville at the end of July.

Simply put, I had to ride the bus to Atlanta because at the end of this, I fly home to Nashville. [This is an important fact in a minute… wait for it.]

I am so happy to hop on a plane today and go home to see my friends and help lead at this summer camp and watch God intercept some lives and fingers crossed, watch Him intercept mine as well.

Thanks to many of you and my friends and family, all the funds necessary for this trip came through and so God totally made a way. I don’t know how to thank y’all enough. But thank you.

Starting tomorrow, I get two weeks in 50 degree weather with 18 hours of daylight… so obviously, bless my heart, I am suffering for the Gospel.

Your prayers for safe travel, lots of rest and little jetlag, great time with friends and God and my journal, and that I will be blessed and be a blessing to those I am around.

And pray for me [not really] as I unload 200 ounces of my life into a box for my mom to ship back to Nashville from Atlanta. [See… hence the need for you to understand my travel. The heavy suitcase is in Atlanta and I must unload stuff here but I’m not coming back here so the USPS will be in charge of getting my 12.5 pounds back to Nashville.]

Hi. I’m Annie. I tend to overexplain.

Your turn – tell me a fiction book I should download on my kindle to read on the plane! Good thing about taking lots of books on the Kindle? Adds no weight to my luggage.


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