When it rains all day, I make lists.

Which probably means that I will be making a load of lists here in Scotland because

1. It rains, at some point, almost every day. Only the most foolish leave their house without an umbrella, even if it is sunny.

2. Ahem… not that I know what that’s about.

3. Right now, along with tons of other festival activities, is the Edinburgh Book Festival. Which, as you can imagine, has me dying [in the good way] constantly.

4. On Sunday night, I went alone [thank you very much] to the Poetry From Small Islands event. It was fascinating. Each poem was read in English and then another language and I loved it. There was one poem by Miriam Gamble comparing love with a semi-colon and let me tell you, it was all I could do to stay seated and stay quiet. I wanted to yell, “OH READ IT AGAIN!” But I didn’t. Because I try to pretend I’m posh in places like that. Posh people don’t yell.

5. Today I purchased a copy of the book The Little Prince. Has anyone read it? I’ve heard it is great, and the play is on in town for a few weeks, so I figured I would read it and then see the play.

6. I think this is probably more gross than awesome, but Subway sandwiches here taste EXACTLY like Subway sandwiches in America. I think that means I’m having a decent helping of preservatives, but I’ll tell ya what, when nothing else tastes like home, it is worth it.

7. I just finished Season 3 of Ally McBeal. **SPOILER ALERT** Billy dies?!?! I’m devastated.

8. As they say here in Scotland, it is chucking the rain outside [great, huh?] and yet, I am about to embark on a 20 minute walk to a Zumba class. Because you people know how I feel about Zumba. Always worth it.

Ending a list on #8? That’s super weird. But I’m going for it.


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