Smile Wednesday: Around town

The last few weeks have been such a blast. Especially with having the Edinburgh International Book Festival going on! My friends Esther and Harry and I stopped by the festival one day and Harry, not quite being the reader type, looked around and then smiled and me and said, “I’m glad they have something like this for you and your people.”

You and your people!?!?

Yes. Yes they are.

The events I got to attend were really inspiring and every time I heard an author speak, I thought, “I wanna be up there. I want to write that kind of book.” Very Julie & Julia kind of moments… without the snot and tears. So I’ll keep plugging away at this second manuscript and hope that it becomes that kind of book.

And now onto the reason you came here today- the pictures [of book fests and other things]!! 🙂

Deep sigh of satisfaction
I love the book fest.
Sapphire, Author of Push and The Kid
This is a beautiful town.
Almost looks like the picture! Delicious salad.

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