An earful.

So a few weeks ago was this amazingly fun thing called “Next Big Nashville” and pretty much, for about four days, a TON of local Nashville acts strut their stuff all over the stages of Nashville.

And Marisa luckily won 2 wristbands and let me borrow one a few times! Proof, you say? Fine.

So I got to see a lot of shows. And bizarrely, some other shows I planned on attending all fell within the same 2 week window.

Matt and Rob
Matt and Rob

I decided, for your weekend, that I would list all the musicians that I got to see.And I’ve linked you to their MySpace page, so you can listen for free before purchasing anything. Or attending a show. Which you should do both. And they are in no particular order except the order in which I attended the shows.

And of course, I’m giving you some commentary and photos along the way because Hi. My name is Annie. I tend to overexplain.

Ten out of Tenn [So fascinating to me. Wrote about it last year too.]

Steve Moakler [Have mercy this is a talented dude.]

Rob Blackledge (with Matt Wertz) [Love these jokers.]

Ben Rector [His voice reminds me of the ocean. Strong. Steady. Calming. I dig.]

Stephanie Lambring [I heard her sing the song “Lonely To Alone” on our friend’s front porch and it stopped my mind and heart. Absolutely stunningly written.]

The Civil Wars
The Civil Wars

Parker Welling [Also a front porch performance. Amazing.]

Madi Diaz [Possibly the lucky find of the week. Though everyone else here already listens to her, this was my first exposure and I. Am. Hooked.]

Civil Wars [Love them. Big time. Also, you can download their album for FREE if you scurry over there.]

Alison Krauss

Mary Chapin Carpenter [She was my JAM in middle school and it was a serious highlight to hear her, though she sang mostly new stuff that didn’t do too much for me.]

Alternate Routes [Duh. As Marisa would tell you, I made the decision that this was my favorite band and they did not disappoint.]

Mat Kearney [I’ve listened to his new album over 25 times. STRAIGHT THROUGH. So I went into it already happy cause I love the new stuff. And the live show was insanely good.]

Keith Urban [One of the greatest concerts I’ve ever attended.]

Lady Antebellum [Their new song “Need You Now”? It. Is. Good.]

Taylor Swift

Brad Paisley

Vince Gill [Seeing Vince Gill perform is probably a highlight of my Nash-life.]

Little Big Town

Dierks Bentley

Jason Aldean

Sorry. I ran out of things to say there at the end. I mean, how many times do you want to read “I think that singer is great”?

So happy weekend. Hope you enjoy hearing some of this local Nashville talent. It’s probably going to want to make you move here.

Or… at least come visit. 🙂

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