The greatest concert I’ve ever seen.

It’s been three days and I still don’t know how to write this blog post.

Let’s just start. Okay? Okay.

I love going to concerts. But here’s something you probably don’t know about shows in Nashville- the crowd is snobby. Because, you know, 3/4 of the audience is in “the biz.” The crowd crosses their arms or stands still or nods their heads. But the crowd doesn’t lose their collective mind.

Until Monday.

When this happened. [Please watch. Please please watch. And no- you can not find me in the crowd, though I’m standing towards the front. Trust me, I tried.]

[PS- I didn’t record this. Krazlilangl, whom I do not know, did. So that is not me screaming. Sounds like a crazy little angel.]

[PPS- this is the final encore. Hence the reason that every band on this roster is on the stage.]

And let me tell you, I had a blast. And I have never (no not ever) seen a Nashville crowd love a show like this crowd loved this show, from start to finish.

This band is Mumford & Sons and their folk music destroyed Nashville that night, in all the right ways.

While I highly recommend their music, let me go ahead and warn you that one of the songs has the F-word in it a lot.

And it has been on my mind constantly. [Not the F-word. Sheesh.] The idea of whether or not I can blog about a band that says cuss words in one of their songs. And here is what I decided- you are old enough that you know how to read [I know this because you read my blog]. So you are old enough to make choices. And I’m telling you it is a bad choice to use the F-word or listen to songs with the F-word. But you can listen to the rest of the album.

[Phew. That may be the most controversial thing I’ve written in a while. I am, if nothing else, polarizing with my opinions. 🙂]

I have to tell you about this band. Not because they have the greatest album ever. [But it is really good.] But I have to tell you about Mumford & Sons because I watched one of their dreams come true.

They had never played Nashville before and apparently rumors of our snobby show behavior proceeded us. But once the show started and the crowd totally embraced them in a way I’ve never seen us do, they were in hog heaven. And they were having more fun than we were.

And I thought about my writing friends. And I thought about my musician friends. And I thought about the first day that they became brave enough to do their art in public.

And I thought about the day, probably hundreds of days later, that your art makes people lose their minds. And how that has to be the happiest moment in your artistic career.

I loved being there with Sarah, Clare, Marisa, Lauren, and Lyndsay. Something beautiful happens when friends live those times together.

And it was the greatest concert I’ve ever seen because it was music and art and dreams coming true and inspiring and I am still in awe of the entire thing.

Check out Mumford & Sons …. just avoid the song Little Lion Man. 🙂

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