Third Day’s Big Day

Third Day Revelation

I don’t boss you too often. Mainly because I am not the boss of you.

But today. I will happily boss you twice over-

#1- Get this CD. Third Day’s Revelation. It’s new and rad and fun and deep and life-giving.

#2- Set your DVR or stay up late and watch Third Day on the Jay Leno Show.
**edit: They just played and KILLED. It was SO GOOD. I hope you saw it.**

[Have I ever mentioned that I secretly dream of being on Jay Leno? But not one of those people in the crowd who get on the show and look kinda silly. I want to be on the show because I’m famous. But since there is a ridiculously slim chance of that happening, I just celebrate my friends getting to play on there tonight.]

Yeah for Third Day and their families! What a great day!!

(Carlos, Melanie, and Sophie have some awesome giveaways – Third Day style. So head over there and get you some.)

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