This is all you need to know today.

cd_gr2The Glory Revealed 2 Album is finally out.

I hope you own the first one. If you don’t, today is the day you buy 2 new CDs.


(It also should be on iTunes today- which is where this blogista will be purchasing her copy.)

Go there. Buy it. You’ll be glad you did.

And a late amendment to this: My friends in Mike’s Chair have their new album coming out today too! How in the world does all this good music come out in one day?!? You’re gonna want that album too. So budget wisely and find a way to get both these albums today.

Listen, I’ve never lead you musically astray before, have I? I mean, come on people, I. Live. In. Nashville. You can trust me.

Oh oh oh! And! While I’m talking about my music choices in Nashville, I gotta give a big YAHOOOO to my friends Lady Antebellum for having the #1 single in the USA and Canada. Good gracious our whole group of friends is BESIDE THEMSELVES excited for Lady A. Don’t even get me started.

See? Isn’t that proof that you can trust my musical ear? And…. I used to play the french horn in middle school. Does that give me any added music cred?

Not so much?


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